SNST Tracklist

  1. Girl, I Kno U Know Already – Leo Kamil
    • The weakest track from More Life is indisputably SAVED by this remix from the very talented Mr. Kamil. It had to be the opener for this mix.
  2. 10Toes – O-Slice ft. G Suave
    • I have the deepest respect for the talent coming out of PG County recently. One of the best rappers I’ve heard from this area, period.
  3. Butterfly Effect – Travis Scott
    • Fav of the trio (A man, Green & Purple and Butterfly Effect) that La Flame randomly blessed us with.
  4. Poppin Wheelies – Ciscero
    • A solid & very smooth track. Not many people touching Ciscero’s flow or lyrical ability. He is next up for sure.
  5. Long Live Steelo – Joey Bada$$
    • I looped this track and listened to it for 15 minutes straight; Kirk Knight produced one of the most beautiful instrumentals I’ve ever heard and I decided to include it for a bit.
  6. Climax – Slum Village
    • One of my personal favorite’s to pick the mix back up.
  7. Vantablack – Talay Riley
    • Honestly, every SINGLE track I’ve heard from Talay Riley has blown me away. I chose this specific song because it’s the first one I ever listened to.
  8. Infinitum (Hamry Edit) – Flying Lotus
    • The original track is already one my favorite Fly Lo tracks; it feels like it’s from a “higher dimension.” This Hamry edit is just the perfect addition to add some bounce to the mix.
  9. Deeper – IAMNOBODI feat. Emmavie
    • Emmavie’s vocals are crazy silky on this. The track has a heavy beat with a very chill vibe.
  10. Body – Syd
    • What can I even say besides this, IF YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED TO FIN YET YOU LOSIN’ MASSIVELY AT LIFE?! Sexiest vocals of this decade. One of my favorites from that project.
  11. Mature Nature – Kid Cudi
    • Cudi gave us one of the best projects of this century and y’all really didn’t appreciate it as much as you should have. To this day we should still to be sicing this project. This isn’t even in my top TEN of the album(think about that), but it fit the best.
  12. Maria, I’m Drunk – Travis Scott feat. Thugger & Bieber
    • A classic, enough said.
  13. Count on Me – Lucki Ecks
    • Hadn’t heard this in a year. Randomly chose it to cue while recording the mix and it had to get on here.
  14. Love Galore – SZA feat. Travis Scott
    • I actually didn’t like this at first listen…I don’t know how (maybe cause it was so different from the SZA I knew). Since then I’ve listened to it 100 times and I can’t stop. So smooth.
  15. Nightgowns – Tom Misch feat. Loyle Carner
    • The guitar is crazy on this. The overall vibe of this Dilla sample is just crazy. Loyle came through with the bars. This is insanely smooth.

I had soooo many other tracks to play (Empathy by Ab-soul, Love Drugs & Young Thug, Outside by Weeknd, Ignorance is Bliss by Kendrick, Get You by Daniel Caesar, Insecure by Brent – go listen…). I could go on but I wanted to keep it to 15. I appreciate everyone for listening. As long as just 1 person heard a new favorite song then my work is a success. Let me know any thoughts you might have, I’d love to chop it up: @witnessgenesis.


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